quality and differential



Our company has a great differential when we talk about developing products. We are pioneers in the approval of Elastomeric compounds in Brazil and Europe. Our development team is composed by specialists in chemical, mechanical and industrial metrology, extremely dynamic and prepared to meet the needs of our customers. With our research, we want to reconcile the demands of competitiveness, quality and innovation with the preservation of the environment.


To integrate the scientific and technical knowledge to obtain better results, Frenzel develops research projects in partnership with universities as well as research institutions nationally and internationally.


The Frenzel has an engineering capable of developing products according to customer's need. Through co-design, we develop the dimensional, composition and validation of the product.





Quality is a cumulative aggregate benefit. All people, processes and steps involved in the production of a product or service are responsible for a share of quality in the final result. However, aggregate quality not meaning only follow rules and procedures. The awareness of quality must be present in each employee involved in the process, he has absorbed, processed and made this commitment.




Quality policy: "To produce and sell rubber products with quality, innovation and continuous improvement, creating the satisfaction of our customers."





1998: Certification of QS9000 and ISO 9002 - First company in the Vale do Sinos and 13th of the state, attending the global standards of quality and of automakers GM, FORD, CHRYSLER;

2002: Featured gaúcho business, the thirteenth year, award administrative commercial industrial;

2003: Certificate of quality audited STIHL 2003;

2003: Trophy highlights Jornal do Comércio;

2004: Certificate of Excellence from the USA EATON, certified by be zero PPM in 5 million items;

2004: Trophy of forum for business leaders destined for the industries of transformation;

2004: Certification ISOTS16949;

2006: Best supplier the STIHL in Latin America - Quality, Delivery, Service and Innovation;

2008: Best supplier ArvinMeritor;